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Contour Your Curves

Body Contouring has become explosive in the beauty and health industry! And why not? With zero down time, pain free treatments, results driven and above all safe, it's no wonder body contouring has become the Beyonce of weight loss and sculpting.


Melt fat and cellulite away, tighten skin, enhance your booty, tone and sculpt your own beautiful curves to achieve the desired shape you've always dreamed of.



Contouring is Confidence

When a healthier lifestyle and regular exercise fail to give you the body you dream of, you may think cosmetic surgery is your only option. Think again! 

Body Fairy offers a brand-new approach to the world of non-surgical body sculting treatments with our 360 degree hourglass series. 


 PLUS we offer a variety of services, besides body contouring such as:

  • Facial Contouring and Skin Rejuvination.

  • Wood Sculpt Massage Therapy.

  • Sauna Blanket Detox.

  • Body Wraps.

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